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thumb04The name of this site says it all: BuffandBound.com. It’s been around for a while but they’ve just done a refresh and added content, as well as a new affiliate program, so why not add them to our list? I think you’ll find plenty of BigBeefXXX on the site to keep you entertained…

thumb09Here’s their description of this scene, featuring A-Bomb (aka Adam Reich) and the “huge muscular intruder” (aka Frank DeFeo):

A-Bomb Bound and Stripped
While investigating a disturbing noise in his studio loft A-Bomb finds himself attacked by the huge muscular intruder. Gagged and bound to the hand rail of the stairs the intruder rips and cut away A-Bomb’s clothes to reveal his huge buff body. With oil in hand the intruder massages and squeezes A-Bomb big juicy pecs before leaving the muscle hunk struggling to free himself.
What’s not to like? Give it a shot! CLICK HERE for more…

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